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Kevin le 17/01/2022 (categorie Général)

Hello, I would like to confirm the availability of the following item before making an online purchase : Masque Anon, HAWKEYE (Taille unique, Anthracite).
This will be for delivery in the 74th department.

Francoiscogne :

Hello Kevin
The anon goggle is still available.
You can order it if you want.
No problem for a delivery in the 74 departement.
Best regards.

Amaury le 06/01/2019 (categorie Vêtements Homme)

Je voudrais un renseignement à propos du Picture Under Fluo Pants 2017 en vert
J'ai le Picture Nova Jacket 2017 en bleu foncé et vert fluo, et je voulais savoir si le vert de ce pantalon était le même que celui de mon blouson, car je n'ai jamais trouvé le nova pants assorti à mon blouson.
Merci d'avance

Francoiscogne :

Bonsoir Amaury,

Nous n'avons plus cette veste dispo pour vérifier et être certain à 100% mais de mémoire c'est bien la même teinte et l'ensemble va très bien.
Nous pourrions bien sur vous rembourser si toutefois vous étiez déçu mais normalement ça devrait être ok.
Bonne soirée :)

oscar hernandez catalan le 11/12/2018 (categorie Général)

Hi, i want to buy the Burton landlord split and t'he skins too, now i have 80 points in my card how i can benefit the 10%,firts i have to buy something? Or with this buy i have the discount for all? Only for the board? Or skins?
Òscar Hernandez

Francoiscogne :

Hello Oscar,

To have 100 points, you must buy something else for 20 points (socks or beanies are = 10 points for example).
Then, you will have 100 points = 10% less on all your next orders.
Don't hesitate if you have any other questions.
Best regards, Pat.

philippe le 20/11/2018 (categorie Fix)

j'ai acheter une planche il y a deux jours (Commande numéro 5739053)et j'ai oublier de prendre les fix. est ce que les fix Burton // MISSION REFLEX sont compatibles?

Francoiscogne :

Bonsoir Philippe,

Pas de souci, toutes les fixs Burton sont compatibles avec votre board (reflex et EST). Vous avez tout le choix :)
Merci et bonne soirée !

Guillaume le 19/12/2017 (categorie Board)

I'm interested in the board Jones Aviator. I'm 1.86m for 80Kg. Should I take the 158 or the 162 ? Are they wide enough to deal with my she size : 45 ?

Francoiscogne :

Hello Guillaume,

The 158 is 25.3 and the 162 is 25.5mm (the wide just have 4mm more, not a lot and no use for your size of boots; usually it's only for US12 and more).
For the size, both are ok for you, depending on your use : 58 perfect for slopes & freestyle, or 62 for slopes & freeride.
Let us know if you have any other question.
Thank you very much.

Ferdi Reedijk le 18/12/2017 (categorie Général)

Dear sir/madam,

I have a question concerning this product:

In the picture shown on your site the gloves don’t have a strap over the wrist to tighten it while snowboarding.
In this picture you can see what I’m talking about:

Are these the same gloves as shown on the picture? And if so, how come the straps aren’t showing on the picture from

I’m very interested in this product and I’m planning on ordering from Les Pays Bas. What is your return policy when purchasing from abroad?

Kindest regards,

Ferdi Reedijk

Francoiscogne :

Hello Ferdi,

We've checked and we confirm that the ones we sell DON'T have this strap. The thing is that ours are from 16/17 and the ones on SkateOnline are 17/8 (improved).
On the 16/17 there is only an elastic strap on the top as you can see on the pics.
Thank you very much & have a great day.

Andrea Hassler le 24/02/2017 (categorie Vêtements Femme)


I am very pleased with my Picture Seen jacket and pants I just bought from you.

I also ordered Picture Anna gloves in Size L, which is already one size more than I would usually wear, because I am using Burton wristgards for boarding. Unfortunately the wrist guards hardly fit into the Anna gloves.

Can you tell me, if Anna gloves in size XL are wider than the ones in size L?
Do you still have size XL in stock?
What would be my shipping costs in case of an exchange?

Best Regards

Francoiscogne :

Hello Andrea,

I've just sent you 2 pics with the Anna mitt. You can see my hand which is large (I'm 179cm tall), and also the mitt in size XL. For me, it fits perfectly, but without any wrist guards.
Would you mind to measure the size of your wrist WITH the wrist guard on it ?? It will be easier for me to check the good size.
To send you some new gloves, it will be 6€ for shipping.
You can send us back the size L to : Francois Cogne, RN85, 38220 Vizille, France.
Waiting for some news with the measure, I wish you a very great day.